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Leviathan(Demo) V1.1


Drinking the life from your flesh as we touch
My thirst to survive manifested as lust
Watching wrinkles form on your face
Sipping your youth, savor the taste

You keep me alive baby
I leave you a corpse
Another one for the morgue 

You keep me alive baby
I leave you a corpse
Another one for the morgue

Father Of A Butcher

You are awake now,
We shall begin
Scream for help
Welcome to the mind of a psychopath

The police search for you
How unfortunate you are that I find you first
The drugs you were on when you murdered my father have begun to fade
The complete depth of your crisis becomes apparent

This scalpel shall carve his name into your flesh
This bucket to collect your blood
And feed it back to you
Bludgeon your gut

Box cutter face lift
Wedge the flesh 
To your ear
Bathing in pools of crimson

What did he say?
What did he say before you pulled the trigger?
Did he beg for his life?
Did he sound half a pitiful as you do now?

Burning holes into your eyes
Can you still see his face?
You shall rue the day you murdered
The father of a butcher

If you see him
Tell him his son still loves him

But Dorothy Was No Ordinary Doll….

I sat blankly on the cruise ship still sore from the fights before. I was always sore these days….come to think of it I was always fighting. Always almost dying. Sitting peacefully on a beautiful ship, the lights filling the night sky, it almost felt haunted. I guess you could call it shell shock.

Sorry, I’m not very good at these. Karma, Hyde and John were nowhere to be found and I had barely noticed the dressed up couples in front of me performing a slow round about dance. Hand in hand, hand on shoulder, hand on hip they twirled around. There was no danger here, no need for heroes like us.

Dorothy, I almost forgot she was sitting beside me, turned her head and spoke

"The men are asking the women to dance." 

"Oh yes." I responded coming back to my senses "It’s common among humans at these kinds of "get-togethers". 

"Richard…" She said again, her now more serious tone buried behind her slightly inhuman cadence. "The men are asking the women to dance…"

The realization of what Dorothy was implying hit me like a truck. I was rarely shy around the opposite sex but Dorothy, and I don’t mean to sound shallow, but she wasn’t technically human. 

I rose to my feet with fresh air filling my lungs as I began to speak, nearly trembling

"Dorothy….would you like to dance?"

Without a word the doll stood and took my hand in hers and led me to the dance floor. The pianist had just changed songs and I thought I heard John taking notice of our actions from the side lines. Her hand found my shoulder as mine found her hip, her inhuman eyes full of life as they were cast against the night sky. Dorothy was only a doll, but I have to admit she was beautiful. Her “father” must have spent a great deal of time into crafting her.

We began to move, swaying to the slow melody of the piano taking extra care not to accidently bump into those around us. For a moment I felt at one with the current the ship was sailing on. A shockingly blissful feeling came from within me. Nobody was attempting to strike me, grapple me, attack me with a weapon. Nobody was in danger. No mad man in a mask attempting to take over the world. This was one of the finer points of life you forsake when you choose the life of a hero.

Dorothy finally spoke

"The others…they are watching us." I turned my head to confirm her statement and was greeted with a smile from Karma. She had a camera in one hand and a drink in the other. Dorothy buried her face into my chest.

"What’s wrong D? Camera shy?" I chuckled.

"It is…embarrassing." her pitch perfect, monotonous voice sung into my chest "Perhaps this was a mistake."  She pulled away with her head held low. I wrapped my fingers around her wrist and gently tugged her back to me.

"You know, when you first asked me to dance I would have agreed with you. But now, I’m kind of enjoying it. We never get to do anything laid back like this. We are always in the gym, or sparring on the mat. Saving the world. You know, the usual. How many opportunities do we get to just….dance?"

Dorothy smiled. Something that was incredibly rare and seemingly impossible for artificial intelligence. A symbol of expressing happiness. But Dorothy was no ordinary doll….

I want to believe Nerissa was really Faith in glamour. Don’t tell me I’m wrong tho :c

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